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The 25-character alpha-numeric code is printed on the back of the card. Here is a Sample Product Key to make you understand:

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Using the assistance of the website, it is simple to install Norton security Product. The website provides quick assistance for Norton installation, setup and activation. Norton Setup has existed for 25 years to assist antivirus application users in proper installation methodologies.

Due to a swift increase in the number of viruses that always have a detrimental effect on computer software, there is a dire need for the finest antivirus applications to protect systems and system information. Among these applications, Norton antivirus is considered as one of the most reliable. This cyber protection tool protects a variety of systems that include tablets, desktop, laptop etc. It is a perfect protective measure against spyware, malware, viruses, Trojan horses and worms. With the constant scanning attribute, it makes sure that the devices if continuously protected against the viruses while the user is accessing the internet. The installation of Norton Antivirus is made much easier using the link Furthermore, the setup blocks any unauthorized access at the time of installation.

While a user proceeds with the installation, the setup will constantly ask them to read and assess the user’s agreement before proceeding to the next installation step. To ease this process, Norton Security Product Key provides optimal support to set up Norton security applications. The Norton antivirus can be bought either as a retail card that applies the application installation through online means or as a physical CD that allows for a more manual installation of this protection tool. In Addition to providing security against viruses, this security application also helps in blocking the phishing efforts while a user is engaged in monetary transactions online. The software protects hides the important user credentials such as username, credit card details, account details etc. from the intrusive eyes.

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It is an automated program that springs into action whenever a user turns on the system. While the user is engaged online, the software keeps a constant watch and alerts the user after the removal of any detected malware. If a user seeks to update the application, they can do so at ICSA has accredited the Norton antivirus application. These laboratories establish standards and certain policies which conform to the commercial security products. To that end, when ICSA accredits a company, they give them a certificate proving that the characteristics of the software are correct and in accordance with standards that are put forward by the organization.

Simply put, one can consider it like a third party being an alibi showing the proof that the application actually works. That being said, a user can perform an easy installation of Norton 360 Security with the assistance of the website First, the user has to sign in to Norton by performing the simple steps mentioned over at the site. To do that, the user has to first navigate to

Once there, if the user does not hold an existing account, he will be directed to the sign in page. There, using the standard user credentials comprising of username and password, the user will sign in. Before moving on with the Norton setup process, they would first have to accomplish the registration procedure. At this stage, a user will be given a list of several antivirus products. They must then select one as per their requirement, and move on with the registration process. In case they are looking for a brand new antivirus application, they can input the required PIN or the present product key to initialize the downloading process (registration will be done simultaneously).

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